Sunday, July 16, 2017

Mommy's in a Meeting

Mommy's in a meeting
The meeting is outside
My sister is here also
She loved to run and hide
We're at a friend of mommy's house
It big and really clean
The yard looks like a golf course
Her friend looks like the queen
While mommy's talking grownup stuff
I'll run around and play
Watch me stomp in puddles and flower beds
I'll be happy here all day

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Ballot (OneWord)

Is this worth anything anymore?
does it hold the power it once had?
are they real
or imaginary
are they mine
or Vladimir's?

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Mostly on Rails

A small hungry train
mostly on its rails
chugs kind of quietly down the hall
to a midday fuel stop
many other trains
for each small car of each train
a small tray
and for every car
it's own seat

Flower Power (Collum Lune)

Spring colors glare
Their strong perfume everywhere
Then I sneeze

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2nd Grade Morning Meeting

The crowd gathers
wiggles and talking commence
but in this
before morning meeting
A single

Sunday, February 12, 2017

It Snowed

I was supposed to have auditions tonight
for a musical I am directing
but it snowed
the show is at the theater where I met my wife
that was in 1991
we were in a play together
I was 31 she was not
We both played witnesses
for the prosecution
It snowed then too but not at auditions

She was the President of the theater at the time
and they needed another body onstage
she doesn't like "onstage"
She prefers to be dressed in black
in the dark
with a notebook
and headset
She's doing that for this show too

I've been onstage
I've sprung from a jack-in-the-box
been an aide to the Emperor of Japan
I've yelled at Stella
and hit a priest over the head
with a poker
I've been in a hospital in Burma
During World War Two
but now I prefer to direct
from behind a table
I have a big notebook too
I used to have pads, pencils and snacks
all over the table
but now
it's mainly computers, iPhones and tablets
and snacks

The first time I was onstage
and when I first fell in love with theater
was when I was in fifth grade
my teacher was into theater
and I didn't know it then
but the theater she was "really into"
was the one where I met my wife
the one where I was supposed to have auditions tonight
for a play I'm directing
but it snowed.

Saturday, February 11, 2017


thinking big
too big to sleep
yet in sleep I free my mind to wander


don’t fix it
it’ll probably be ok
someone else’s problem anyway
regular maintenance is expensive
everyone needs to share the burden
people want lower taxes
always test before using
it might not hold
repay the past by maintaining their work

Friday, February 10, 2017

Poemasabi Explains Dodoitsu (at least he wrote a couple first this time)

Another Blow

fun if
you have a
place that's warm inside
where you can sit, dry off, stay warm
if you don't have such a place, snow is yet more hardship

Factual Comb-Over

and solid
our planet in round
is one terrific example
a belief in an orange-faced comb-over won't change them

Never Lost

All is never truly lost.
No matter how bleak it looks;
how deeply empty you feel;
around you is light...